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Lockdown Knick-Knacks

Artist Si Bollé has been producing beautiful pieces of art for more than three decades. With her latest project #LockdownKnickKnacks she is showing that art can also have a social component!

The Lockdown Knick-Knacks are a series of small but beautiful pieces of art which are available in limited edition. 

The first one is a so-called painting-in-a-box. These are small paintings (13 by 18 cm) which will be delivered personally and are wrapped in a very nice box. 

A six-pack of hand painted red poppies on elegant glasses with milled stems will certainly enhance your experience of Champagne drinking!

No description available.

A final project is this poppy seed bomb with ceramic safety hood which symbolizes life force in Covid-19 lockdown times. Throw this seed bomb somewhere in your garden. When the time is ripe the seeds will germinate and you’ll have created your own poppy field. The hood will become a keepsake of your performance. Life continues, it never stops. This Lockdown Knick-Knack has been co-produced by Si Bollé and ceramic artist Juliette Van Tongerloo.

No description available.

Si has made one hundred pieces of each Lockdown Knick-Knack. They cost 200 euros, 20 euro of which will be donated directly to the HAVEN! For more information and other pieces of art made by Si, visit her website:!



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