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Why is de Haven necessary?

The creation of the Haven started from a number of observations.

  • There is an immense poverty problem and it is persistent. The problem is particularly acute in Brussels.
  • The various authorities in this country take their responsibility and invest in the fight against poverty. And many initiatives are also taken from the social sector. Nevertheless, the group of single mothers with children remains difficult to reach and therefore very vulnerable.
  • Social agency employees do not always know the best ways to help people in debt. They also often do not know how bailiffs work and who they can best contact.

These problems are in danger of getting worse and bailiffs can confirm this. They visit the homes of these families every day and see the faces behind poverty like no other. To help in the fight against poverty by applying their experience and knowledge to the benefit of the people in trouble, the HAVEN was established. With the HAVEN we therefore want to create a place where people and especially young mothers can find breathing space. Where they will be supported to achieve order out of the chaos and to get their lives back on track.